App Development

We specialise in beautiful platform native app development on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac with a single code base using Xamarin and Azure. One shared codebase, One core tech stack => Less things to build, High maintainability. We do what we do because we like doing it!

How do we build applications ?

Our standards are quite high on processes and quality, because that makes us happy, makes our customers happy, makes our customers users happy, and makes our applications happy (they don’t die horrible sudden app deaths by disgruntled users exits) because:

  • – Analysts captured unambiguously what was really wanted with BDD
  • – UX architects applied their rare and unique skills to make apps delightful
  • – Designers extracted the ideal UI from the raw marble block it was embedded in
  • – Developers built the captured conversation precisely: no more, no less, always with beautiful code
  • – Scrummatologists orchestrated this creative symphony with panache
  • – All the boring stuff was automated that made sure the general project status is always green
  • – Everybody had fun doing it


We treat every project equally, as if it was our own. Wether the preference is to keep hands off the development altogether, or take it on at any stage, what we built is enterprise grade, easy to understand, pleasant to extend and rather nice to play with (because it’s fun!)