Device Lifecycle Solution

Empowering Consumer Device Financing: Seamless Device Lifecycle Solution for Southeast Asia's Leading Second Hand Device Company

Xamariners has successfully partnered with one of Southeast Asia’s leading device lifecycle companies, a frontrunner in the industry since 2012, operating across 10 countries.


Renowned for its impressive track record of over 2 million device transactions and supported by a robust workforce of over 310 employees, this company embarked on an ambitious journey with Xamariners to bring to life their innovative financing program, Renew+.


Designed to redefine consumer device financing, Renew+ offers a flexible and consumer-friendly “pay-later” option, making device acquisition and upgrades more accessible and hassle-free for customers.


Program and Device Management Efficiency

The platform facilitates efficient management of program details, device histories, sales channels, and branch operations, simplifying the complexities of device lifecycle management.

Customer-Centric Operations

At its core, Renew+ prioritizes customer engagement. This includes meticulous management of customer records, application processes, and real-time status updates, ensuring a transparent and responsive customer journey.

Advanced CRM Integration

The heart of Renew+ lies in its comprehensive CRM setup, encompassing role configuration, permission management, and user customization. This integration ensures streamlined processes and enhanced data management.

Automated Contract and Insurance Processing

Xamariners implemented automated scripts for managing financial contracts and insurance processing, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing manual workload.

Financial and Insurance Integration

A pivotal feature of Renew+ is its seamless integration with financial and insurance companies, offering a holistic approach to consumer financing and insurance needs.

Comprehensive Customer Application

A significant aspect of the project was the development of a customer-facing web application, which includes features like invoice management, device selection, credit bureau checks, and secure payment processing, all streamlined for user convenience.

Robust Identity and Access Management

The setup and configuration of the Identity Server and API management for Dynamics365 are integral to ensuring secure and efficient user access and data handling.

Sophisticated Tech Stack

Leveraging Dynamics 365 CRM, Azure Microservices, and Blazor Web Assembly, the project was built on a foundation of reliable, scalable technology. The use of Azure Private Cloud Infrastructure further ensured data security and system robustness.


The inception of Renew+ stemmed from the client’s vision to democratize access to consumer devices through innovative financing solutions.
The primary challenge was transforming this vision into a digital reality, transcending traditional financing models that lacked flexibility and user engagement.
The company aspired to offer a program that not only simplified device acquisition and upgrades but also integrated seamlessly with financial and insurance services, a task that demanded a nuanced understanding of consumer needs and digital solutions.

Navigating the complexities of digital transformation, the client faced the task of conceptualizing a platform that could handle a multitude of operational and customer-centric functions—from intricate device and program management to integrating financial and insurance processes.
This endeavor required a shift from conventional practices to a more dynamic, digital-first approach, ensuring the solution was accessible, secure, and scalable across a diverse customer base.

What did Xamariners do

Guided by the client’s requirements, Xamariners embarked on a journey to digitalize the Renew+ vision. We leveraged our expertise in digital transformation, identifying key areas where technology could elevate the financing model to meet modern consumer expectations.
Our role transitioned from technology consultants to digital architects, crafting a comprehensive web application that embodied the flexibility and ease the client envisaged for their customers.

Our strategic approach involved a meticulous integration of CRM systems to streamline program and device management, ensuring a seamless flow from selection to financing.
We facilitated the incorporation of financial and insurance processes into the digital ecosystem, automating contract and insurance handling to enhance operational efficiency and reduce manual dependencies. Through our guidance, the client’s vision was transformed into a digital platform that not only met but exceeded the contemporary demands of device financing.
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Digital Transformation

Successfully transitioned the client's vision into a dynamic digital solution, setting a new standard in device financing.

Strategic Operational Overhaul

Streamlined back-end processes through digital integration, significantly enhancing efficiency and reducing operational complexities.

Comprehensive Customer Engagement

Engineered a platform that significantly improved the customer journey, making device financing more accessible and user-friendly.

Innovative Market Positioning

Assisted the client in establishing a pioneering presence in the digital financing space, expanding their reach and influence in the consumer electronics market.

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