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Advanced Identity Management Solutions for a Multinational Technology and Engineering Powerhouse

Xamariners recently spearheaded a project for a multinational technology and engineering conglomerate, a leader in fields such as aerospace, smart city development, defense, and public security.
The initiative’s core objective was to revolutionize data synchronization and enhance collaborative efforts across various Microsoft 365 tenants spanning multiple continents.
This ambitious project aimed to bridge the technological gaps in user data integration, focusing on seamless synchronization of user profiles, contacts, and external user information.
By doing so, it aimed to ensure uniformity in the Global Address List (GAL) and promote efficient collaboration across diverse organizational divisions.


Multi-Tenant Synchronization

A crucial feature of this project was the bi-directional synchronization of user and contact data across Microsoft 365 tenants located in different continents. This feature was pivotal in maintaining data consistency and ensuring that all units had access to up-to-date information.

Enhanced Collaboration Tools

The project significantly boosted inter-tenant collaboration by enabling shared calendars and Microsoft Teams B2B communication features. These tools are indispensable for fostering international communication and teamwork.

Comprehensive Documentation

A key aspect of our approach was the thorough documentation of all changes and updates. This meticulous record-keeping ensured clarity, continuity, and transparency in all processes.

Consistent Global Address List (GAL)

We achieved a significant milestone by creating a unified view of all users, including external guests, across the GAL in every tenant. This consistency is vital for smooth communication and efficient operational processes.

Automated Identity Management

Implementing Microsoft Identity Manager, we streamlined the provisioning and administration of user identities across tenants. This automation was a key factor in enhancing security and ensuring compliance with international regulatory standards.

Custom Graph Connector Integration

Our team developed bespoke Graph connectors to facilitate efficient data integration. This integration was crucial in maintaining high data quality standards across the organization.


The multinational technology and engineering conglomerate faced significant challenges in managing and synchronizing data across its global operations.
With Microsoft 365 tenants spread across multiple continents, the organization struggled with inconsistent user and contact data, hindering effective collaboration and communication.
The disparate nature of the data, coupled with the need to maintain a unified Global Address List (GAL), presented a complex challenge that required a sophisticated and nuanced approach.

What did Xamariners do

Xamariners devised a comprehensive strategy to address the complex challenges of data synchronization and identity management.
We implemented multi-tenant synchronization, ensuring bi-directional data flow across global Microsoft365 tenants, thus maintaining up-to-date and consistent information across the board.
By leveraging Microsoft Identity Manager, we automated the provisioning and management of user identities, streamlining operations and enhancing security.

Our team developed custom Graph connectors for efficient data integration, ensuring high data quality standards.
We also provided extensive documentation and consultancy to partner tenants, guiding them through the transition process.
This holistic approach not only solved the immediate challenges but also laid the groundwork for seamless future expansion and integration.
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Unified Global Address List

Achieved consistency across the GAL, facilitating smoother communication and operational processes.

Streamlined Identity Management

Automated provisioning and management of user identities, bolstering security and regulatory compliance.

Enhanced International Collaboration

Enabled shared calendars and Microsoft Teams B2B features, significantly improving inter-tenant collaboration.

High Data Quality Standards

Ensured through the development and integration of custom Graph connectors, maintaining the integrity of data synchronization efforts.

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