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Streamlining Financial Processes: Advanced Invoicing Solutions for Global Operations

Xamariners has successfully pioneered a strategic project for the ORIX Group, a global conglomerate with diversified interests in finance, investment, and environmental energy solutions.


This collaboration was aimed at transforming ORIX’s financial operations by developing an advanced invoice management system.


This system was meticulously engineered to cater to the vast expanse of ORIX’s operations, which span across 30 countries, and to support their leadership in sustainable green energy initiatives.


The requirement was clear: deliver a solution that balances technical sophistication with user-centric design, ensuring ease of use without compromising on advanced features.


Comprehensive Invoice Module

A robust setup process for invoicing entities, ensuring precise and efficient invoice creation, linkage to contracts, and utilization of customizable templates that cater to the diverse needs of a global enterprise.

Financial Management and Reporting

The platform is equipped with a suite of tools designed for meticulous management of financial documents, customer financial details, transaction histories, and the generation of detailed financial reports.

Customer-Centric Online Interfaces

Customers are provided with a secure and convenient online system to manage, view, and settle their bills, backed by an integrated online payment system.

Automated Invoice Processing

The system boasts efficient triggers for the automatic generation and reconciliation of invoices, streamlining the entire financial cycle from billing to payment.

Global Credit Check Integration

The system seamlessly integrates with international credit check mechanisms, establishing a secure and compliant financial environment that aligns with global financial regulations and best practices.

Effective Communication Channels

Implementing a multi-faceted communication gateway, the system facilitates prompt and reliable invoice notifications, enhancing client relations and operational efficiency.

Role-Based Access Controls

With a keen understanding of diverse operational roles, the solution offers tailored configurations for administrators, financial officers, and customers, ensuring that each user has access to the necessary tools and information.


The ORIX Group, a conglomerate with diversified interests in finance and green energy solutions, faced the intricate challenge of enhancing its financial operations to support its dynamic business model.
Developing an advanced invoice management system that balanced technical sophistication with user-centric design presented a complex task.
The integration of a system capable of performing comprehensive credit checks while maintaining strict compliance with financial standards was a primary concern.

Customizing invoicing processes to meet diverse operational needs, ensuring financial security, and supporting ORIX’s commitment to sustainability added layers of complexity to the project.
The endeavor required a solution that could streamline financial workflows efficiently without compromising on security or regulatory compliance.

What did Xamariners do

In response, Xamariners crafted a strategic solution, leveraging our deep expertise in software development and understanding of financial ecosystems.
We devised a sophisticated invoice management system tailored to ORIX’s specific operational requirements.
The system featured a robust invoice module with integrated credit check mechanisms and customizable templates, ensuring operational compliance and security.


To enhance user interaction, Xamariners implemented role-based access controls and an intuitive customer interface for streamlined transaction processes.
Our approach included effective communication channels and automated invoice processing to optimize ORIX’s financial operations further.
The technology stack, including Dynamics 365 CRM, Azure Microservice Architecture, and Blazor Web Assembly, was chosen for its ability to deliver a secure, scalable, and efficient platform.
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Streamlined Financial Operations

Achieved a significant enhancement in the efficiency and compliance of ORIX's financial workflows.

Elevated Customer Interactions

Provided an improved online interface for customers, facilitating easier management and settlement of invoices.

Support for Sustainability

The system's design and implementation considered environmental responsibility, aligning with ORIX's green initiatives and commitment to sustainability.

Secured Financial Transactions

Ensured robust security measures and seamless integration of credit check systems to uphold financial integrity.

Increased Operational Efficiency

The automation of invoice processing and the introduction of customizable templates reduced manual workloads and minimized errors.

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