Real Estate Management

Enhancing Real Estate Engagement and Efficiency with the Ascendas Singbridge App for CapitaLand

Xamariners embarked on an exceptional collaboration with CapitaLand, a global leader in the real estate investment and management sector.
This project, centered on the development of the Ascendas Singbridge APP (ASAP) for both Singapore and India, was an ambitious undertaking designed to transform the way tenants, employees, and visitors interact with CapitaLand’s extensive property portfolio.
With its presence in over 40 countries, CapitaLand required a technologically advanced solution that could cater to a wide range of needs and integrate seamlessly with their diverse real estate offerings.


Meeting Room Management

ASAP simplifies the booking and management of meeting spaces, making it a breeze for users to organize meetings and events in CapitaLand's properties.

Real-Time Transportation Updates

A standout feature is the real-time tracking of both public and private bus services in the vicinity of the properties, providing users with up-to-date transportation information.

Parking Availability Insights

he app provides valuable information on car park lot availability, including proximity details, helping users to efficiently find parking near their destination.

F&B Outlet Queue Monitoring

Leveraging camera technology, the app offers live updates on queue statuses at food and beverage outlets within the properties, enhancing the visitor experience.

User-Friendly Fault Reporting

ASAP includes an easy-to-use fault reporting feature, allowing users to quickly report any issues within the business parks, thereby improving maintenance and response times.

Robust Notification System

The app features a comprehensive notification system that keeps users informed about the latest news, promotions, and events. These notifications are intelligently curated based on the user's location, ensuring relevancy and timeliness.

Advanced Visitor Management Services

The app streamlines the process of inviting visitors, validating identities, and tracking visitor check-ins and check-outs, ensuring a smooth and secure experience for both hosts and guests.

Gym Membership and Parking Management

ASAP simplifies the management of gym memberships and car park season parking, adding convenience for tenants and employees.

Emergency Management Features

The app includes critical fire drill and emergency management features, prioritizing safety and preparedness in all of CapitaLand's properties.


CapitaLand, a global real estate giant, recognized the need to enhance engagement and streamline operations across its extensive property portfolio in Singapore and India.
The company sought to integrate a variety of services into a single, cohesive application to improve the experience for tenants, employees, and visitors.
This ambitious project required a solution that could handle complex data integration, provide real-time updates, and ensure user-friendly interactions across diverse real estate services.

Facing the complexities of integrating various functionalities such as meeting room bookings, transportation updates, and emergency management into one platform posed a significant challenge.
Moreover, ensuring the application’s adaptability to both the Singaporean and Indian markets, each with its unique requirements and user expectations, added another layer of complexity to the project’s execution.

What did Xamariners do

Xamariners embarked on this project with a strategic approach that combined our technical expertise with a deep understanding of CapitaLand’s operational needs and user expectations. We developed the Ascendas Singbridge App (ASAP), leveraging Xamarin.Forms for a seamless cross-platform experience and integrating Azure services for robust backend support.
Our team focused on creating a user-centric design, ensuring ease of use and accessibility for all app functionalities.


We tackled the challenge of real-time data integration by deploying Azure Functions and API Management, enabling live updates for transportation and parking availability.
Our development process emphasized agile methodologies, allowing for flexible adaptation to the evolving requirements of the project.
Through rigorous testing and quality assurance practices, we ensured the application’s reliability and performance, meeting the high standards expected by CapitaLand and its users.
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Comprehensive Application Delivery

Delivered a comprehensive mobile application that significantly enhanced real estate management efficiency and user engagement for CapitaLand.

User Adoption and Satisfaction

Achieved high user adoption and satisfaction rates, demonstrating the application's effectiveness in meeting diverse needs and improving the overall experience at CapitaLand's properties.

Service Access Streamlining

Streamlined access to a variety of services, including meeting room bookings, real-time transportation updates, and emergency alerts, through a single, integrated platform.

Comprehensive Web-Based Assessments

Contributed to CapitaLand's digital transformation goals, setting a new standard for technology-driven solutions in the real estate industry.

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