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Empowering SMEs in Digital Commerce: Xamariners Collaborates in the 99% SME eMarketplace Initiative

In a significant collaboration with Singtel, Singapore’s leading telecommunications company, and DBS, a foremost banking institution, Xamariners has made a substantial contribution to the development of the 99% SME eMarketplace.
This innovative digital platform is a game-changer for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore, offering them a cost-free, online space to showcase their products and services.
The 99% SME eMarketplace is an ambitious project aimed at bolstering the digital presence of local SMEs and connecting them with an extensive audience of 3.5 million monthly visitors, thus marking a significant leap in fostering SMEs’ integration into the digital economy.


Robust Buyer Application Tools

The platform features a comprehensive set of tools for buyers, including advanced product search capabilities, product rating systems, shopping cart functionality, wish list creation, straightforward order placement, and secure purchase options. These features are designed to enhance the shopping experience, making it easier for customers to find and purchase products.

Free Advertisement Opportunities

A standout feature of the 99% SME eMarketplace is the provision for SMEs to promote their offerings without cost, both on the 99% SME website and within the eMarketplace. This feature provides invaluable exposure to SMEs, helping them reach a broader audience and increase their market presence.

Dynamic Seller Application Capabilities

For sellers, the platform offers an array of tools to manage their online presence effectively. This includes a detailed dashboard for monitoring sales and customer interactions, efficient order management systems, capabilities for shipment creation, and comprehensive product management functions.

Workflow Enhancement Tools

The platform is equipped with tools and features that are specifically designed to improve business workflows, thereby increasing sales potential and streamlining business operations for SMEs.

Access to Government Subsidies

Participating SMEs can avail themselves of significant government subsidies, a move that aims to support their digital ventures and ease the financial burden of transitioning to the digital marketplace.


The digital transformation journey for SMEs in Singapore posed significant challenges, primarily due to the diverse digital maturity levels across different businesses.
Many SMEs struggled to establish an online presence, facing hurdles in reaching a wider audience and integrating digital tools into their traditional operations. The need for a unified platform that could cater to the varied needs of SMEs, enabling them to market their offerings effectively and efficiently, was evident.

Furthermore, the complexity of managing online sales, customer interactions, and digital marketing efforts required a solution that could simplify these processes.
SMEs needed a way to navigate the digital landscape without incurring substantial costs, all while ensuring their offerings remained competitive and accessible to potential customers.

What did Xamariners do

Xamariners approached this project with a strategy that combined technological innovation with user-centric design.
The team developed a comprehensive digital platform, the 99% SME eMarketplace, leveraging Xamarin.Forms for cross-platform app development to ensure a seamless user experience across iOS and Android devices.
This approach not only broadened the reach of SMEs to potential customers but also ensured consistency in user experience regardless of the device used.
The technical architecture was designed for scalability and efficiency, incorporating Azure NotificationHub for reliable notifications and alerts. Xamariners’ emphasis on quality assurance, through rigorous testing protocols including behavior-driven development (BDD), unit, and integration testing, ensured the platform’s reliability.
The team also focused on creating a user-friendly interface for both buyers and sellers, facilitating easy navigation and transaction processes.
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Marketplace Launch

Successfully launched the 99% SME eMarketplace, connecting SMEs with 100.000's monthly visitors.'

Sales Process Optimization

Streamlined the online sales and customer interaction process for SMEs, increasing their sales potential.

Digital Economy Growth

Contributed to the digital economy's growth by leveling the playing field for SMEs in Singapore.

Digital Presence Enhancement

Enhanced SMEs' digital presence, allowing them to market their products and services cost-free.

Operational Cost Reduction

Achieved a significant reduction in operational costs for SMEs through digital transformation.

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