Managed Services

Elevate Operational Efficiency and Growth

Tailored Managed Services for Transformative Results

At Xamariners, we understand the pivotal role of technology in business success. Our Managed Services are designed to enhance your IT operations, allowing your company to focus on growth and innovation. 

With our commitment to proactive management and strategic insight, we align technology with your business goals to deliver measurable improvements in efficiency and return on investment.
  • Maximizing IT operational efficiency.
  • Driving technology-enabled resilience and agility.
  • Providing continuous value at business speed.
  • Proactive management to minimize downtime.
  • Future-focused technology strategies for growth.

Managed IT Services

Experience a comprehensive suite of managed IT services tailored to ensure your business operations run smoothly, allowing you to focus on strategic growth initiatives

Security and Compliance

Protect your business with our robust security and compliance services, mitigating threats and safeguarding your operations.

Workplace Transformation

Transform your workplace experience with our support for end users, devices, collaboration applications, and security, creating an optimized environment for success.

Strategic IT Planning*

We provide strategic planning services to align your IT infrastructure with your long-term business goals, ensuring scalable and flexible solutions for the future.

Technology Innovation

Keep ahead of the technology curve with insights and strategies from Xamariners to leverage the latest innovations for your business advantage.

Proactive IT Monitoring

Our proactive approach helps to predict and prevent issues before they affect your business, ensuring uninterrupted operations and productivity.

Featured Case Studies

Real Estate Management

Xamariners, in partnership with CapitaLand, developed the ASAP app, transforming real estate management with innovative, user-centric services in Singapore and India business parks.

Workforce Learning Platform

The Workforce Professional Learning Platform combines advanced technology with AI-driven personalization to craft a continuous learning journey for every organization

Device Lifecycle Solution

Xamariners developed Renew+, a dynamic device financing solution for a leading Southeast Asian company, enhancing customer experience in device lifecycle management.

Empowering Your Business through Superior Managed IT

Choosing Xamariners as your managed services provider means gaining a reliable partner that prioritizes the efficiency, security, and scalability of your IT environment. 
We provide the Microsoft Azure expertise and proactive support needed to keep your systems optimal and your business forward-thinking. 
With our dedicated team, personalized attention, and strategic insight, we ensure your technology investment continuously aligns with your business objectives.

Dedicated IT Partnership for Unmatched Business Support

Xamariners is committed to becoming an extension of your team. When you contact us, you’ll interact with experts who are already familiar with your IT landscape, reducing time spent on context and problem explanation.
Our approach is to understand your business in-depth, creating a seamless IT support experience that feels like an in-house team. 
With Xamariners, experience the assurance of a dedicated IT partner invested in your long-term success.

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