Re-architecting Legacy Technology

Better Speed, Scale, Security, and User Experience

Modernisation is an existing product at Xamariners that goes beyond just having competent developers and designers; it involves intricate project management to ensure a seamless transition from old to new. This process is akin to rebuilding an airplane mid-flight, demanding precision, foresight, and expert handling. We understand that choosing the wrong development partner can lead to product failures, customer dissatisfaction, and revenue loss. Therefore, we focus on delivering a modernisation process that is smooth, reliable, and efficient, minimizing disruptions while maximizing performance and user experience.
  • Enhancing Customer Experience Through Modernisation
  • Implementing Persona-Based UX/UI Design
  • Prioritizing Mobile-First Approaches
  • Strengthening Security in All Updates
  • Ensuring Compliance with Industry Standards
  • Refreshing Platforms for Improved Performance
  • Refactoring Code for Efficiency and Scalability

Customer Experience Overhaul

Revamping customer experience to meet modern standards, ensuring engagement and satisfaction.

Platform and Infrastructure Update

Refreshing and updating platforms and infrastructure to improve overall system performance and reliability.

Persona-Based UX/UI Design

Tailoring user experience and interface design based on detailed customer personas, creating more intuitive and user-centric platforms.

Enhanced Security Protocols

Upgrading legacy systems with advanced security features to protect against modern threats.

Mobile-First Development:

Prioritizing mobile usability and accessibility in our modernisation efforts, recognizing the increasing prevalence of mobile devices.

Regulatory Compliance Assurance

Ensuring that modernised systems comply with current industry regulations and standards.

Featured Case Studies

Operator Information System

Xamariners' Operator Information System delivered to government agencies enhances knowledge assessment and management with its innovative web and mobile applications, bolstering efficiency and security.

Xamarin To MAUI Migration

Xamariners leads the transition from Xamarin to .NET MAUI, offering expert migration services to harness the latest in cross-platform development technologies.

Digital Workflow & KYC

Cutting-edge digital workflow & KYC solutions delivered to government agencies, streamlining operations with secure, customizable, and integrated web applications.

Leading Your Journey to Modernisation

With Xamariners, your journey towards modernisation is in capable hands. Our holistic approach ensures that your legacy systems are not just updated, but transformed to meet the demands of the modern digital world. We blend technical expertise with strategic planning to ensure that every aspect of modernisation, from user experience to compliance and security, is addressed comprehensively.
Partner with us to turn the challenge of modernisation into an opportunity for growth, innovation, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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