Xamariners at the Microsoft Tech Summit 2018 in San Francisco

Our CEO and Microsoft & Xamarin MVP Ben Ishiyama-Levy was invited to speak at a couple of session at the Tech Summit 2018 in San Francisco.

Session 1: Mobilizing Smart Contracts With Xamarin and Microsoft Azure

Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies are fostering a transformation that enables businesses to become leaner, provides access to a new generation of services to consumers while providing an unequaled security assurance.

In 2018, nearly 80% of internet usage will be mobile, and native applications will likely drive Blockchain powered platforms on iOS, Android, Windows Universal Platform and MacOS and the cost of delivering for each platform are substantial. 

Building a Blockchain enabled cross-platform application with Xamarin allows businesses to build intuitive and compelling native apps in half the time it would take to develop on each platform independently, maximizing long-term ROI on mobile applications.



Xamariners Expertise: Mobile App Development

Session 2: Utilize the Cloud to Run Lean, Stay Agile, and Grow Fast - Azure Services for Startups

Technology startups need cloud services to get out of the gate more quickly at a lower cost, with services that scale at any growth rate. 

During this panel discussion with Azure experts, learn direct from the pros the services that Azure offers to startups, including the ability to choose your platform including open source and deploy apps or VMs in seconds. 

Bring your questions so you can get the answers you need to build the solutions your startup requires, al while managing your IT budget effectively to launch your startup to success.